About us

The Polish Stamp Foundation was established in 2020 on the basis of the Founder’s collection created for over 50 years. We are a family Foundation, which aims to promote Polish philately. The main goal of the Foundation is to create the most modern Museum of the Polish Stamp – the first such place attracting not only philatelists, but also tourists from around the world. What is more, we want to create mobile temporary exhibitions that we will be able to present in many cities around the world, which will allow Polish community living abroad for many years to see our collection.

Philately is an exciting hobby that has been very popular in Poland for years. The Polish Stamp Foundation is an organization that disseminates knowledge about philately and promotes this field of art.

Philately is the science of postage stamps, their history, symbolism, artistic and collectible value. Postage stamps are not only a tool for sending correspondence, but also an important element of culture and art.

In Poland, philately has a long tradition. Already in the 19th century, the first Polish postage stamps were created, and with Poland regaining independence, the development of this field of art gained even greater momentum. Today, Polish philatelists collect both historical and contemporary stamps, as well as numismatic items, postcards and other items related to post and communication.

The Polish Stamp Foundation works for the development of philately in Poland. We plan to organize various types of events, such as exhibitions, auctions and meetings that will bring together both enthusiasts and novice collectors. The Foundation is also to support the education of young people by organizing competitions for schools and workshops for children and youth.

The goal of the Polish Stamp Foundation is not only to promote philately as a passion, but also to raise social awareness of the importance of postage stamps as a cultural and national heritage. Therefore, the Foundation is involved in various initiatives related to the protection of Poland’s cultural heritage, such as saving historic postcards and stamps from destruction.

If you are interested in philately and want to learn more about this exciting field of art, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the activities of the Polish Stamp Foundation and to participate in the events we organize.


Sławomir Słomczewski

Philatelist, entrepreneur. From an early age he collected stamps, starting with the (empty!) album he received for his First Communion. Currently involved in supporting young entrepreneurs and developing local projects.

Foundation Board

Dariusz Krawczyński

Entrepreneur, completed doctoral studies in finance at the Warsaw School of Economics. Start-up artist, investor, passionate about creating new things.

Foundation Council

  • Sławomir Słomczewski
  • Donata Słomczewska
  • Sylwia Słomczewska
  • Klaudia Krawczyński

Statute of Foundation

You can read the current content of the Foundation’s statute here: Statute of Foundation